Residential Plumbing

Arc Plumbing is pleased to offer a number of residential plumbing services. From unclogging a toilet to designing the master ensuite of your dreams we are the plumber for you!

We are also pleased to offer a number of troubleshooting services. Does your drain keep clogging? Is your kitchen sink backing up? Does the shower drain slowly? Stinky laundry room drains? New dishwasher need to be installed? We can help!

These include:

  • New construction plumbing
  • Remodel plumbing; planning + budgeting, design, supply and install
  • Restoration plumbing
  • Residential backwater valves
  • Troubleshooting + investigative plumbing solutions
  • Supply + install sump Pumps
  • Supply + installation of new plumbing fixtures
  • Supply + install hot water tanks
  • Upgrades to water service line size from the City

Here is a detailed list of the services we offer

Drain camera inspection

View inside drain pipes to determine interior conditions and investigate ongoing and repeated drain clogs. The camera can help provide insight if something is in need of attention inside a drain line. We often find tree roots in the drain are a big part of the problem!

Drain Locate

Identify drain line location and depth below ground

Clearing and repair of blocked drains

Unclog drains. We find everything in drains such as grease, roots, children's toys, etc. We also excavate and perform repairs to piping, fixing cracked and broken pipes, sagging drain lines and poorly sloped pipes.

Kitchen plumbing

Install kitchen faucet, kitchen sink installation, dishwasher installation, garburator, slow draining kitchen sinks, low water pressure, instant hot, filtered water system

Bathroom plumbing

Install sink and faucet, toilet replacement, bathtub replacement, shower valve.

Laundry plumbing

Install laundry sink and tub, faucet install, washing machine plumbing.

Water service upgrades

Replacement of private water lines. Replace main water shutoff valve at meter.

Fix low water pressure

Replace clogging and plugged up low water pressure pipes. Booster pump installations.

Backwater valves

Sewer backwater valves installed. Rebates may apply.

Diagnose and repair leaks

Troubleshooting leaks and repairing water and drain lines.

Hot water tanks

Hot water tank replacement. Tankless water heater replacements.

Frozen pipes

Blocked frozen pipe thawing, burst frozen pipe repairs, frozen garden hose valve repairs, heat tracing water lines.

Irrigation system service

Lawn and garden sprinkler installations, water supply connections, repairs, start-up, winterization.